Adult Development Centers

Adult Development Centers


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The Foundation provides services for people with developmental disabilities, age 22 and older. Services include adult development center, developmental disabilities activity centers, developmental disabilities behavior management programs and independent living skills instruction for people with developmental disabilities. There are no geographic restrictions.

The programs primarily accept clients from the Regional Centers. The program serves people from any Regional Center; however, the case is transferred to the Northeast Los Angeles County Regional Center upon enrollment in the program.

The Daystar Adult Development Center (ADC) program provides training in self-care and basic daily living skills. The staff ratio in this component is 1:4.

The Daystar Day Training Activity Center (DTAC) is for higher functioning developmentally disabled adults who are able to learn basic academic subjects like basic mathematics; independent living skills and pre-employment skills such as writing their personal information on forms, using public transportation, and other community integration experiences; and work experience. The day training activity center is not a sheltered workshop. The staff to client ratio in this component is 1:8.

The Phoenix Behavior Activity Center (BAC) is a developmentally disabled behavior management program. Clients enrolled in this program exhibit behavior deficits in dealing with anger or frustration; inappropriate behaviors; and other interpersonal behavioral problems. Clients learn to channel their energy in a positive way and to focus on constructive activity. The staff ratio in this program is 1:3.

Regional center provides referrals, transportation and funding for the program, however, families may self-refer. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees are paid by Regional center; self-referred clients fees vary by program, call for information.
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646 W. Lancaster Blvd., Ste. 109

Lancaster , CA 93534 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm.


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