Adult Diversion

Adult Diversion ( Shoplifters )


The agency provides self-help programs for adults and adolescent shoplifters, age 11 and older, nationwide. Services include adult diversion for shoplifters and juvenile diversion for shoplifters. The agency provides a home study education program and referrals to self-help groups and therapists. There are no geographic restrictions.

The home study program is a 5 to 6 hour course which includes audio CD's and workbooks, to help individuals develop a plan to stop shoplifting. All materials are available for both adult and adolescent participants. Assessments and recommendations are made for everyone. Progress reports are provided to the courts about individuals who are court referred.

As a secondary service, the self-help program is available to everyone who has completed the home study program. Individuals are referred to self-help groups and workshops in their community or they may receive telephone conferencing if there is not a group in their area. Individuals may also be referred to a qualified psychotherapist in their community. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Course fees range from $75 to $85.
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