Adult Residential Facility Complaints

Adult Residential Facility Complaints ( Alcohol Use Disorder Issues )


The department is responsible for the licensure of residential non-medical substance abuse programs in California. The program also certifies non-residential substance abuse programs, including DUI programs, and accepts and investigates complaints about substance abuse service providers. There are no geographic restrictions.

Licenses are required for residential facilities that provide non-medical alcoholism or drug abuse recovery, treatment or detoxification services for adults. Residential facilities serving six or fewer clients are exempt from local government regulations. Residential facilities that are licensed by another state agency do not require a license from this department, nor do non-residential facilities. Health and safety concerns are the primary focus of the licensing process (e.e., fire clearance, food service, personnel requirements, physical environment and personal rights).

Licenses are also required for DUI programs, including first offender and multiple offender programs.

The department offers, but does not require, certification to residential and non-residential programs. Certification indicates that a program meets minimal levels of service quality and that it is in compliance with state standards. Participating programs are eligible for technical assistance and training from the department.

The department accepts questions and investigates complaints from clients and the public about substance abuse service providers. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the designated complaint line, fax the designated complaint fax line or file a complaint online at FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for licenses.


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