Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities

Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities


The agency provides volunteer opportunities to individuals living in Los Angeles County. Services include advocacy/ombudsman volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities are targeted, but not restricted, to older individuals who receive medicare, or younger individuals who receive disability benefits and medicare. Advocacy/ombudsman volunteers are peer counselors who work in the agency's Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program (HICAP). This is a program of the Department of Aging in the State of California. Agency volunteers are placed in senior centers, social security administration offices and medical centers and provide counseling about medicare benefits. The agency provides volunteers with 24 hours of mandatory state curriculum training. Training is held on weekdays over a three to four week period. Training includes information on medicare, medicare HMOs, medicare supplemental insurance, long term care and dual eligibility. Upon completing training, volunteers are required to take and pass a certification exam. Volunteers are not required to incur any costs or fees. Licensed insurance agents are not eligible to volunteer. The agency does complete background checks. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH Volunteers are not required to speak any language other than English. The agency seeks bilingual volunteers. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the agency to volunteer. Potential volunteers must complete a written application and submit to an in-person interview. Service provided by telephone during Covid-19. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Volunteers are not asked to incur any costs or pay any fees.
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520 S. La Fayette Park Place, Ste. 214

Los Angeles , CA 90057 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.


(213) 383-4598


(213) 383-4519 (800) 824-0780 (Toll-Free) (800) 824-0780 ext 3006 (Volunteer Opportunities)

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