Assistive Technology Equipment Loan

Assistive Technology Equipment Loan


The agency provides services for people with disabilities to individuals in Los Angeles County and throughout California. Services include assistive listening devices, assistive technology equipment loan, control and signaling aids, outreach programs, specialized telecommunications equipment, and speech aids. Services are targeted to California residents with a medically-certified physical disability that interferes with hearing, speaking into, seeing, dialing, cognition, or holding a telephone. There are no geographic restrictions.

Services include amplified phones, big button phones, phones with lights that flash for incoming calls, portable phones, and other phones that are specially designed for anyone who has difficulty using a standard phone.

The program provides outreach to make people aware of its services. Staff members make presentations to community and other groups about the assistive technology equipment it can provide to people with disabilities. For a free presentation for groups of 10 or more, please call the Outreach and Presentations number in the entry.

The agency also has a repair and exchange policy for the equipment. They will repair or exchange equipment when the equipment is not working or when the disability certification changes. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, visit a Service Center, or visit the program's website for information or to apply. Individuals can also email at

An application form must be completed and include verification of the person's disability from a medical doctor, a licensed audiologist, a qualified state agency, or other specified health professional. Individuals can print the application form from the agency's website.

Arrangements can be made to obtain the equipment from a local office or to have it shipped.

For repair and exchange of equipment call the Call Center or visit the Service Center for more information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for the specialized telephone equipment or for the services such as speed calling or touch tone sets. People who qualify for the equipment pay regular rates for telephone service unless they meet low income guidelines and are also eligible for Universal Lifeline service.
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(800) 889-3974 (Call Center) (800) 889-3974


(866) 880-3394 (Hmong) (866) 324-8754 (Cantonese) (866) 324-8747 (Mandarin) (800) 949-5650 (Spanish) (800) 995-6831 (Outreach and Presentations)

Service/Intake and Administration

(800) 806-1191 (English)


(800) 806-4474

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