Bereaved Parent Support Groups

Bereaved Parent Support Groups


The hospital provides support groups and self-help groups for patients, families, and for people in the community that may need health related support. There are no geographic restrictions.

Services include bereavement support groups for adults; a bereaved parent support group for women suffering perinatal loss of a child; health related support groups for amputation, brain injuries, breast cancer, chronic obstgructive lung disease, diabetes, ovarian (and other gynecological) cancer, prostate cancer, spinal cord injuries, stroke, a special health related support for children and youth who have loved ones with cancer, and a health related support group for patients, families and friends of cancer patients.

The program also provides two peer "mentoring" groups for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer (Breast Friends); or newly diagnosed with gynecological cancers such as ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer (Women Guiding Women). Mentors are committed volunteers who are prepared to assist women through active peer support.

Groups are peer support groups; some are professionally facilitated. Most meet once or twice a month. All groups are open to the general public. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the designated number for information or to register. Location and schedule information varies. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Most groups are free; the Stroke Book Club asks for a $10 materials fee.
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2801 Atlantic Ave.

Long Beach , CA 90806 (Physical)

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Service hours
Group meets second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00pm in Radiation Oncology Conf. Rm.

Service/Intake and Administration

(562) 933-2000 (Hospital Operator, All Departments)


(800) 636-6742 (Physician Referral Service) (562) 933-2761 (Women's Hospital) (562) 933-0913 (Lifeline Program) (562) 933-5437 (Memorial Miller Children's Hospital) (562) 933-0100 (Health Education) (562) 933-2410 (Welcome Baby Program)


(562) 933-0900 (Cancer Answers-Medical Information Line)


(213) 351-7699 (L A County PrEP Warmline)

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