Bullying Helplines

Bullying Helplines


The center provides mental health services for children, adolescents and transitional age youth and their families who live in the San Fernando Valley (Service Planning Area 2). Services include bullying helplines, behavior modification, case/care management, crisis intervention, home-based mental health services, outpatient mental health facilities and psychiatric medication monitoring. Geographic restrictions apply.

Bullying helplines provides a 24 hour hotline for students, parents and educators who need counseling, referrals, resources, advocacy and educational and informational presentations.

Behavior modification is for ages 0 to 17.

Case/care management includes assessment, treatment and intervention as well as referrals to other resources.

Crisis intervention provides immediate intervention to stabilize or provide linkage to a higher level of care.

Home based mental health services include psychiatric services which can be provided in the home, school or wherever appropriate.

Outpatient mental health facilities provide psychiatric services for children and their families.

Psychiatric medication monitoring provides medication management services. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the central intake number for information about all programs provided by the agency and to schedule appointments. Phone contact numbers for specific programs are also listed above, but the agency prefers that callers contact central intake first. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees for most services are on a sliding scale based on an ability to pay basis; Medi-Cal, Medicare are accepted as payment if applicable. The Adult Day Treatment Intensive Program accepts clients who have Medi-Cal or Medicare; there are a limited number of openings for people who have no funding source.
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(866) 232-4376 (1-866-BE-A-HERO)

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