Centers for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living


The program provides services for people with disabilities living in Central Los Angeles who have physical, mental, developmental and other disabilities. Services include assistive technology information, centers for independent living, home barrier evaluation/removal services, independent living skills instruction, individual advocacy, peer counseling, residential placement services via housing advocacy for people with disabilities, specialized information and referral and system advocacy. The service area is restricted the following zip code areas: 90001 90002, 90003, 90004, 90005, 90006, 90007, 90008, 90010, 90011, 90012, 90013, 90014, 90015, 90016, 90017, 90018, 90019, 90020, 90021, 90026, 90027, 90028, 90029, 90036, 90037, 90038, 90039, 90043, 90044, 90046, 90047, 90048, 90057, 90058, 90059, 90061, 90062, 90068, 90069, 90071, 90220, 90222, 90247, 90248, 90249, 90255, 90262, 90280, and 90746.

The agency provides assistive technology sales and information services that educate the disability community about assistive technology uses, benefits, and availability. Home barrier evaluation/removal services include ramp and hand rail installation and referrals for other home modification services.

The Communication Center through a grant from the California Communication Access Foundation is able to expand their resources and provide access to equipment and tools to help provide better communication for people with disabilities. Services are available for individuals, groups and all people with disabilities including seniors, to access high tech or low tech information.

The agency provides independent living skills instruction services which includes providing clients with the different community and funding resources available in the community that enhances the client's mobility and access to health care.

The agency provides individual advocacy services which assist clients in the resolution of conflicts that inhibit their ability to live independently in their communities. The agency works with the client to resolve issues related to the acquisition of services or benefits.

The agency provides peer counseling services which includes assisting consumers, caregivers, and family members with issues related to disability and independent living. Individual and group sessions are conducted covering the following topics: assessment of factors related to independence; determination of the role of disability in relation to family, community or self; exploration of feelings, attitudes and values which may impact the attainment of personal goals; and the use of adaptive techniques and assistive devices and technology to gain independence.

The agency provides housing advocacy for people with disabilities which includes providing clients with resources that will help them obtain the type of shelter that meets their specific needs. A housing registry is maintained with various categories such as house and apartment rentals, shared housing opportunities, board and care facilities, and emergency shelters. Entries include listings of wheelchair accessible units, as well as information on affordability.

The agency provides specialized information and referral services which includes information about adaptive equipment and assistive technology, organizations that provide services to people with disabilities, legislation concerning the rights of people with disabilities, as well as educational, recreational and community resources. Information about employment opportunities and disability benefits programs is also available.

The agency provides system advocacy services which work to ensure that the concerns of persons with disabilities are adequately addressed by both public and private entities and those options for independent living will be increased.

The agency also assists people to get out of nursing homes and to community living through a transition program. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, walk in or write to apply for service; appointments are preferred. For benefits advocacy, ID and proof of income is required. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for some services; donations are accepted. For assistive technology services, fees are based on current rates of equipment, call for current rates.
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634 S. Spring St., 2nd Fl.

Los Angeles , CA 90014 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm; closed Saturday, Sunday and on National Observed Holidays.

Service/Intake and Administration

(213) 627-0477


(213) 627-0535

Service/Intake (Voice and TDD)

(213) 623-9502

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