Central Intake/Assessment for Drug Use Disorders

Central Intake/Assessment for Drug Use Disorders ( Adolescents )


The agency provides substance use disorder services for people who live in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Services include adult diversion programs; alcohol use disorder day treatment and drug use disorder day treatment for women and families with children; comprehensive outpatient alcohol use disorder treatment and comprehensive outpatient drug use disorder treatment programs; including programs for dually diagnosed; central intake and assessment for alcohol and drug use disorder for adults and adolescents; perinatal drug use disorder treatment; and drug testing. There are no geographic restrictions.

Alcohol and drug use disorder day treatment is available for women and families with children. The program provides individual, conjoint and family therapy; domestic violence counseling, AIDS education and parenting education.

The outpatient substance use disorder treatment program is available to adults age 18 and older. The program requires a six month drug and alcohol free committment. Services may include group therapy and individual or conjoint counseling. A perinatal drug treatment program with a therapeutic nursery is available for pregnant and parenting women of all ages at the Antelope Valley and Long Beach locations. Women may participate in the day treatment program three days per week for three hours per day or the outpatient program at least two times per month.

This county Community Assessment Service Center (CASC) provides central intake/assessment for alcohol and/or drug use disorder. Staff use an automated assessment tool to determine addiction severity and screen the participant's eligibility for specifically funded county-contracted alcohol and drug programs. Supportive services may include substance abuse education, vocational rehabilitation, transportation and referrals to other community services.

Perinatal drug abuse services are provided for pregnant and parenting women with babies 12 months and younger, and their families. The six-month program includes drug treatment, awareness and prevention information.

The agency is a State certified Central Intake and Assessment center for youth, age 12 to 20, in the CA State CARE program. See the separate entry.

Smoking cessation is a program targeted to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender community. The program, created by the Coalition of Lavender-Americans on Smoking and Health, is a seven session workshop. The program is a seven session program to assist people identify their smoking patterns, learn about alternatives to smoking, get tips on weight management, and develop a plan for quitting.

The agency also provides a substance use disorder education and prevention program and random drug testing services. Test results are available the next day. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in to apply. Referrals from insurance companies or employee assistance programs are also accepted. Information on smoking cessation is available online at www.lastdragla.com. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees; call for information. Payment plans are available; Medi-Cal and private insurance are accepted.
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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


(661) 726-2630 ext 4323 (Healthy Kids Enrollment) (661) 723-4829 (661) 729-9000 (Antelope Valley Clinics) (661) 726-2630 ext 4330 (Healthy Kids Enrollment) (661) 726-2630 ext 2186 (Healthy Kids Enrollment) (888) 777-8565

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