Child Guidance

Child Guidance


The program provides youth services for at risk youth, ages 8 to 18, in the Southeast area of Los Angeles County. The program goals are prevention and early intervention for youth who are at risk for delinquency or gang involvement. Services include adult/child mentoring programs; individual counseling for at risk youth; child guidance; family counseling; in-person crisis intervention; juvenile delinquency prevention; juvenile diversion; parenting skills development; public awareness/ education; mentoring services volunteer opportunities; and youth development programs. There are no geographic restrictions.

Staff provide anger management, conflict resolution, individual counseling, and in-school groups for at risk youth. The Whittier office staff is bi-lingual and services are targeted, but not restricted, to the Spanish-speaking community.

The gang intervention program is offered in collaboration with the Whittier Gang Alternative Program (GAP) and provides support groups for at risk youth in grades 4 through 6 in the Whittier school district. The program promotes parent involvement and provides parent workshops.

The parent project provides parenting skills development for any parent of at risk youth. The program accepts court-referred parents, and anyone from the community is also welcome to participate. There are 10 parenting sessions in the program.

Mentoring services volunteer opportunities include an extensive background check, fingerprint clearance, CADL, and proof of insurance.

Youth counseling services are currently on HOLD for youth who are referred through Department of Mental Health, or youth who are new patients.

The agency can also provide speakers for community groups who are interested in learning more about adolescent behavior, juvenile delinquency, and the services provided by the agency. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to arrange an appointment. There may be a waiting list for some services. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees for counseling are on a sliding scale from $10, depending upon the family's income. There is a $20 intake fee. Insurance is not accepted. The parenting program charges a $20 fee for materials. There are no fees for on-campus group counseling, speakers, or prevention programs.
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920 Atlantic Ave, Ste. 101 and 102

Long Beach , CA 90813 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


(562) 380-0261


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