Child Support Wage Assignment Assistance

Child Support Wage Assignment Assistance


The office provides legal services for people with family law and/or child support service department cases in Los Angeles County. Services include alimony assistance, certificates/forms assistance, child support assignment/assistance, and child support assistance/enforcement. There are no income or geographic restrictions.

It assists parties with child support, spousal support and health insurance issues; it does not give legal advice.

The office provides assistance with establishing paternity, establishing, modifying and enforcing child and spousal support orders; establishing and/or enforcing health insurance orders; completion and distribution of necessary family law court forms related to support issues; preparing answers to District Attorney complaints, motions to set aside judgments, and wage assignment orders; completing fee waiver applications; recovery of overpayment; information about support amounts based on statutory guidelines; and specialized information and referral to the District Attorney, Family Court Services and other community agencies.

A paternity workshop is available for unmarried parents who do not have an existing paternity case, at the Los Angeles site. Information about establishing legal parentage and custody orders or adding a father's name to a birth certificate may be provided. Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Children of any age are not allowed to attend the workshop. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for information; parties may apply for service at any office. Some sites are walk-in only. Voice mail is not available at all sites; people need to continue trying to call back if no one answers.

Parties must present a copy of their case records, any documents received from the Child Support Services Department and the following:

-Pay stubs for the last three pay periods and information about any other income earned by the other party;

-A federal tax return for the last year, including tax filing status for both parties;

the location of the party's job and the amount he or she earns monthly, if known;

-The location of the other party's residence and the number of children not of this relationship living with and supported by the other party;

-Monthly living expenses, including housing, utilities, insurance, food, transportation, education and clothing;

-Names and ages of children of the relationship, and how much time each party spends with them each month;

-Any extraordinary expenses related to health care and catastrophic losses.

FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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7339 S. Painter Ave., Rm 300

Whittier , CA 90602 (Physical)

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(562) 968-2753 (Family Law Facilitator) (562) 968-2699 (Family Law Clerk)

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