Children's In Home Respite Care

Children's In Home Respite Care ( Disabilities and Health Conditions )

Provider: MOMENTUM

The agency is a voluntary health organization that provides disease/disability information; specialized information and referral; treatment, social and residential services for people of all ages who have cerebral palsy and some other types of developmental disabilities. This office administers all services and also provides information about them. The agency operates various independent living and residential facilities for adults as well as day care; callers may inquire about residential services through this office. The agency serves people who live in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Clients must be Regional Center eligible. The Respitality Program provides a complimentary room at a local hotel so parents of a disabled child may have a weekend break. The program can provide a trained professional to take care of one child with a disability and one sibling under the age of 10 from Friday late afternoon until Sunday at noon, so the parents can have "time off". Sitters cannot take care of children who are medically fragile or have excessive behavior problems. For specific information about the day care and independent living programs in Los Angeles, see the separate program entries. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information about the agency's services or to make an appointment. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Most fees are paid through Regional Center. Medi-Cal is accepted for some residential services.
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6430 Independence Ave.

Woodland Hills , CA 91367 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(818) 909-9106

Service/Intake and Administration

(818) 782-2211

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