Community Colleges

Community Colleges


The school provides general and vocational education for high school graduates and people age 18 and older who are residents of the Los Angeles Community College District to enable them to develop career interests, advance in a current career, earn a vocational or Associate degree, complete credits for a high school diploma, retrain for a new career, or for personal development. Programs are provided in specific vocational areas and students may also prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. People who are California residents but non-residents of the community college district may apply, but pay higher fees.

The major areas of vocational study available include accounting, drafting, auto mechanics, business management, carpentry, commercial art, computer science, cosmetology, fashion design, journalism, marketing, nursing, business and clerical, photography, plumbing, printing, real estate, refrigeration and air conditioning, restaurant management, sheet metal, tailoring, and welding.

The support services available for students include academic, career, and personal counseling; testing and career assessment; career-related workshops; and financial assistance. The Handicapped Resources Center offers additional support services for students who have disabilities which include counseling in American Sign Language, interpreters and/or translators for deaf or hearing impaired people, notetakers, tutors, reader services, peer counseling, telephone typewriters for deaf people, and job placement and follow up. The Career Counseling/ Equity Center offers special support services for students who are re-entering an educational setting after time away, who are preparing for non-traditional vocations, or who face other difficulties or disadvantages. For information about the Career Counseling/Equity Center, see the separate entry. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, walk in for information or visit the agency's web site. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Class fees are $46 per unit; health services fee is $11 per semester (Fall or Spring) and $8 per semester (Winter or Summer. Financial aid may be available. Non-residents pay higher fees.
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400 W. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles , CA 90015 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 8:00pm; Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm.


(213) 763-7000 (213) 763-3773 (Disabled Student Services) (213) 763-7082 (Financial Aid Office) (213) 763-3665 (Foster & Kinship Care Education)


(213) 763-5393


(213) 763-5375

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