Comprehensive Outpatient Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

Comprehensive Outpatient Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment ( Homeless Veterans )


The agency provides case management services for homeless veterans, female veterans, veterans with families, ex-offender veterans, or veterans who are at imminent risk of losing their housing in Los Angeles County. Services include comprehensive alcohol outpatient treatment, comprehensive drug outpatient treatment, housing search assistance and transitional housing/shelter. There are no geographic restrictions.

Ex-offender veterans must be pre-release, have had contact with law enforcement, be on parole or probation, or have been released in the past 18 months. Sex offenders are not eligible for services.

Female veterans must be homeless or in imminent danger of homelessness.

Male veterans must be homeless or in imminent danger of homelessness, or have physical custody of dependent children under the age of 18.

Housing search assistance services include assistance in locating affordable, permanent housing, housing advocacy, and housing counseling.

Transitional housing/shelter services are put in place to prevent homelessness while the individual or family is receiving other services. Transitional housing programs include The Billets, The Barracks, VS-21 (The Barrington), VS-90, The Hollywood Veterans Center (males only, post 9-11), and Transition in Place.

The Billets is for veterans who are coping with chronic substance abuse and/or mental health issues and provides case management and supportive services. Sobriety is not required, although substance abuse on the premises is not allowed.

The Barracks is for veterans who are attempting to recover from substance abuse issues and/or mental health issues and provides substance abuse counseling, mental health services and general case management services.

The VS-21 program is for veterans who are maintaining sobriety. Services include individual housing, onsite meals, employment services and sobriety counseling and meetings.

The VS-90 program is for veterans who are on parole or probation. Services include case management, individual and group therapy, job referrals, financial counseling, benefits assistance and other services as needed to promote independence and reduce the chance of recidivism.

The Hollywood Veterans Center is for male veterans and provides transitional and sober housing and residential and non-residential services including job placement assistance, abuse counseling, and readjustment services to mainly post 9/11 veterans.

Transition in Place is for single veterans and veterans who have dependents living with them and provides a furnished apartment and case management services. It is a sober living environment designed to assist veterans in maintaining sobriety and stability. At the end of the lease/service period, the veteran takes over the rent or lease payment. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply for services. To be eligible, veterans must not have been dishonorably discharged, must have an income that does not exceed 50% of the area median income, and be homeless or at imminent risk of losing their housing. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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240 N. Breed St.

Boyle Heights , CA 90033 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.


(323) 872-0271 (Veteran's in Crisis/Veteran Information/Battle Buddy Bridge (B3) Program) (323) 657-5550 (SSVF Referral Line - M-F, 8am to 4pm)

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