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Conservatorship Assistance ( Older Adults )


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The department provides conservatorship services in Los Angeles County. Services include conservatorship assistance for the chronically, mentally ill and for the elderly; friendly outreach through the Golden Circle program for the elderly conservatee; guardianship for the mentally ill; and public guardianship/conservatorship programs for Los Angeles County. There are no geographic restrictions.

This office functions as legal guardian or conservator for people of any age in Los Angeles County who are either unable to provide for their own basic needs and safety or are gravely disabled because of a mental disorder. The office can be appointed conservator under the authority of the Probate Code or the Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act of the Welfare and Institutions Code. If appointed, the office is responsible for ensuring that the physical and psychiatric needs of the conservatee are met and for the prudent use of the person's money and property.

People who are referred for Probate Conservatorship are those who are unable to provide for their own basic food, shelter, or clothing needs or are unable to protect themselves from exploitation and, usually, who have no one who can take responsibility for their personal needs or estate or both. This includes older adults whose physical and mental problems stem mainly from age. This type of conservatorship is not initiated for people whose primary need is for mental health treatment or placement in a psychiatric facility rather than a secure, basically custodial one.

The office may also be appointed LPS Conservator for people who are unable to provide for their basic needs because of a mental disorder and who are unable or unwilling to accept psychiatric treatment voluntarily. This process is often initiated after the person is placed on a 5150 involuntary hold status. The LPS conservatorship is in effect for one year and may be renewed if the person is judged to still be gravely disabled at that time. During the conservatorship period, when the person is usually in a mental health treatment facility, the person may petition the court for a rehearing to reconsider the matter.

The LPS conservatorship proceeding is an adversarial process and the person is represented by an attorney at all hearings. When a person's conservatorship is terminated, any facility the person is detained in must release him or her at his or her request.

The agency's Guardian Circle provides social contact and stimulation for conservatees by spending time, listening, and encouraging the conservatee to participate in community activities. The Guardian Circle also accepts donations which are used to purchase large print books, holiday gifts, and other special items for conservatees who could not otherwise afford them. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Anyone may make a referral for someone who seems to be appropriate for a Probate Conservatorship. Referrals for an LPS conservatorship are only accepted from designated acute psychiatric facilities and agencies and must be signed by two licensed psychiatric professionals, one of whom is an MD. People who believe a person qualifies for an LPS conservatorship should contact a local county mental health facility. Referrals for both types of conservatorship should be submitted in writing. The office investigates the person's situation and petitions the court to be appointed conservator, if appropriate. People may call the office to discuss a particular situation before making a referral. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees to clients vary. Most pay small fees. The amount is based upon the client's ability to pay and the level of service provided, and payment of fees is approved by the court.


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The office is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. A voice mail system takes messages before and after office hours for regular business.


(213) 974-0515 (Public Guardian Information and Referral)


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