Construction/Home Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities

Construction/Home Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities


The agency provides volunteer opportunities to individuals living in the Los Angeles, South Bay/Long Beach areas. Services include board/committee member volunteer opportunities, clerical volunteer opportunities, construction/maintenance volunteer opportunities, finance/accounting volunteer opportunities, fund raising volunteer opportunities and writing/editing volunteer opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions. Board/committee member volunteers work on the agency's construction committee or faith relations committee. Construction committee members work with community members and agencies to facilitate the construction of new homes. Volunteers coordinate design and construction of homes, facilitate permitting, and work with local neighborhood groups. Faith relations committee members partner with local religious groups to further the goals of the agency. Committee volunteers meet once a month. Meeting times vary. Clerical volunteers provide clerical and administrative support at the agency's Gardena location. Construction/maintenance volunteers work at a construction site building an agency home. Construction volunteers are asked to volunteer at least one full day of service. Volunteers may volunteer as many days as they wish. Construction job sites are typically open Tuesday through Saturday. Finance/accounting volunteers work on the agency's finance committee. The agency seeks volunteers that have a background in finance, business or accounting. Finance volunteers meeting one time a month. Meeting times vary. Fund raising volunteers help work with donors, and prepare, coordinate and staff special fund raising events. Fund raising committee members meet one time a month. Meeting times vary. Writing/editing volunteers work on the agency's public relations committee; they research and write articles for publication, agency literature, and the agency website. Committee volunteers meet one time a month. Meeting times vary. The agency seeks volunteers that have a background in writing or editing. Agency volunteers are provided training by their committee chair that is specific to the particular committee. Construction volunteers receive some on the site training. Agency volunteers are not asked to incur any costs, nor are they asked to take and pass tests. The agency does not complete background checks. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the agency, or register at the agency website to volunteer. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Volunteers are not asked to incur costs, or pay fees.


8739 Artesia Blvd.

Bellflower , CA 90706 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


(310) 323-0789

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