COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests


Information about COVID-19 Testing

FAQs about Coronavirus variants, including Delta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
The CDC is tracking a number of variants of concern in the United States. Local testing to determine which variant of Coronavirus an individual is infected with is not currently available. Available Coronavirus testing will provide a positive result if any of the variant strains including Delta are detected. Visit for up to date information.

LA County Testing Sites
The County of Los Angeles and CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), is providing free COVID-19 testing to ALL Los Angeles County residents, whether or not you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Visit the link below to make an appointment for a COVID-19 test.

Walk In Appointment Sites
Additional testing sites which accept walk ins without an appointment are available at

Individuals without internet access can call Optumserve at (888) 634-1123 Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 7:00pm to schedule a testing appointment.

Community Church Testing Sites
LA County Health Services with partners from the Tabernacle Community Development Corporation and Black Church COVID-19 Testing Partnership are offering free testing at select churches serving under-resourced African Americans. No appointment is required. Visit link below for a list of testing sites.

Home Test Kits
For updates on program, visit .

Schools - Testing Strategies & Resources
Visit for additional information and resources for K-12 School Testing. Testing FAQs
General guidance about the testing process is available at

FAQ's regarding testing and testing results is available at

Testing Results
If you have been tested but have not yet received test results, see links below to find the contact email or phone number to your specific testing lab:

If your site was not listed there, please check here:

Individuals without internet access can call the applicable number for test results:
- Optumserve at (888) 634-1123
- Curative, Fulgent and Healthvana at (213) 348-2004

For FAQs with guidance based on the test results received: APPLICATION PROCEDURE See information above. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Not applicable.
Application Procedure

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