Crime Victim Accompaniment Services

Crime Victim Accompaniment Services


The project provides domestic violence services for people in Los Angeles County. Services include anger management, domestic violence support groups for battered women, in person crisis intervention, parenting skills development, spousal abuse counseling for battered men and women, spousal abuse prevention, crime victim support in obtaining a TRO, and crime victim accompaniment services. There are no geographic or other restrictions.

The project provides spousal abuse prevention through workshops and presentations to community groups and schools.

The Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) provides a mobile mediation team that ride along with police in the 77th (South-Central) division on domestic violence calls.

Court approved parenting skill development classes are taught by certified facilitators.

Conflict resolution services include anger management classes for the local community as well as for victims of family violence. Court-ordered anger management for victims of family violence attend a 20 week program. The agency also provides mediation services for families and provides peer mediation programs in local middle schools.

Specialized information and referral to community services such as employment, education and housing are also provided for project clients. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply; an appointment is required. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services; call for specific information. There are fees for non-GAIN participants, a one time non-refundable registration fee of $10 and a $10 fee per class, call for more information.
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(323) 291-0140

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(323) 291-2525

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