Cruelty to Animals Investigation

Cruelty to Animals Investigation


The department provides animal services for the city of Los Angeles. Services include animal adoptions, animal control, animal licenses, animal lost and found, animal rescue, animal shelters, business licenses/permits related to animal issues, cruelty to animals investigations, disaster related animal shelters, neuter/spay services, public awareness/education, pet food and rabies vaccinations. Services are provided from six locations. Field services, animal rescue and pick-up services observe service area restrictions. Licensing and other administrative services are restricted to the city of Los Angeles.

The department enforces laws and ordinances which regulate the care, custody, control, and prevention of cruelty to animals in the city of Los Angeles. Services provided include animal adoption, control, licensing for dogs and horses, lost and found, neuter/spay vouchers, micro-chipping including the field response during a disaster.

The department offers information about the laws that relate to animal care and control; shelter and care for lost, abandoned, stray, and injured animals; adoption services for animals; reunification of lost pets with owners; micro-chipping and licenses for dogs; licenses for horses; treatment for injured animals and immunizations for all animals who are impounded; investigations of reports of cruelty, abuse and dangerous animals. The department also has a wildlife division that responds to concerns about wildlife within the City.

The department enforces the leash law for dogs and laws that prohibit dogs from beaches and provides community education about humane pet care and the responsibilities involved.

Stray or unwanted animals which are brought to the shelters by the public or by Animal Control Officers are examined for injury or illness, treated if necessary, and are immunized against common diseases. Well animals are offered for adoption by the public. Animals which have identification are held until they can be reunited with their owners.

Some shelters offer on-site neuter/spay clinics and low cost vaccinations for the general public. The clinics are independently operated.

The department offers free and low-cost spay/neuter vouchers for Los Angeles City residents at participating veterinary hospitals, spay/neuter clinics and participating mobile spay/neuter vans. There are eligibility requirements.

The shelters hold vaccination clinics for dogs and cats and issue dog licenses to people who provide verification that their dog has been immunized. The clinics are offered for the public periodically at the Animal Services Centers and community locations throughout the city and satisfy the legal requirement for licensing. Immunizations against other canine and feline diseases are available at the same time. Also microchipping of companion animals is available at any of the Animal Services Centers, call for an appointment.

The shelters accept and investigate reports of mistreatment and cruelty to animals and have the authority to initiate protective action for the animals and legal proceedings against those responsible, if warranted.

The Permit Division provides licensing and permits for various animal-related businesses, activities and exhibitions in the city of Los Angeles.

The Pet Food Pantry is a community resource to assist low-income families and individuals in the City of Los Angeles experiencing financial hardship who need help feeding their animal companions. Requirements for the Pet Food Pantry: Be the pet's owner and provide the name, weight, sex and animal license number (when applicable) of their animal companion; Go online at to register and make an appointment at one of the three L A Animal Service Center locations (South Los Angeles, East Valley and North Central); If unable to go online call the Pet Food Pantry Line at South Los Angeles, East Valley or North Central to register and make an appointment. Note: If pet is unaltered the pet owners will be given a Free spay/neuter voucher and will be advised that the pet must be altered in order to continue to receive food from the Pet Food Pantry. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Services at the shelters are provided by appointment, call for information. Call for information or service. Dog License Applications may be brought or mailed to any shelter, or to the administrative office. The forms are available on the department's web site.

Call or visit the agency's web site for information on the Spay/Neuter Clinics, an appointment is required.

Call or visit the agency's web site for information for the free and low-cost spay/neuter vouchers.

Go online to register for the Pet Food Pantry or call the Pet Food Pantry line to register at South Los Angeles, East Valley or North Central sites.

For intake after hours for stray or injured animals call the shelter.

Emergency pick-up may be offered 24 hours per day, call for availability.

Call the number for the Permit Division for licensing or permits for animal-related businesses. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The fee for adopting a dog ranges between $102 and $150 and the fee for adopting a cat is waived due to a grant from the ASPCA; the department offers adoptions of other animals as well, check the local shelter for details. The fee for a license for a dog age 4 months and older is $20 if it is spayed or neutered. The City of Los Angeles has a spay/neuter law that requires dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered.

Reduced fee or free services may be available for seniors, people who have disabilities, and people who are-low income. Fees vary for the spay/neuter clinic, call for information. There are fixed fees for licenses or permits for various animal-related businesses.
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Shelter hours are Wednesday, Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, by Appointment Only; No Appointment - Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday, Sunday, 11:00am to 5:00pm; intake for sick or injured animals will be admitted without an appointment.

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