The facility provides hospital services for people of all ages in Los Angeles County. Services include emergency room services, general hospital services, health problems and bereavement counseling, health education, optometry, rehabilitation, a women's health clinic, and Safe Havens for Abandoned Newborns. Geographic restrictions apply for some services.

Specialty services include cancer unit, a cardiac unit, neurology, outpatient surgery, orthopedics and opthalmology. The Mary Hilton Health Clinic provides gynecology/obstetrics services which support the hospital's maternity unit, childcare education and Lamaze classes. A neonatal intensive care unit is provided for premature and sick newborns.

Health education services include a wide variety of classes and workshops on CPR, first aid, parenting, childbirth, stroke care and senior services. "Every Woman Counts" provides an opportunity for women over age 40 to have a free breast cancer screening and mammogram.

Support groups are available for Alzheimer's caregiver support groups, breast cancer support groups, CARE program HIV support groups, cancer support groups, diabetes support groups and chronic disease self management for adults age 55 and older support groups.

The Passages Geropsych program offers group counseling and emotional treatment for adults age 55 and older who may have issues such as confusion, sadness, loss of a loved one, loss of independence, decline in health and other emmotional problems.

The Low-Vision Center provides services for people whose vision cannot be improved with corrective lenses. Services include Braille instruction; daily living skills instruction; and orientation and mobility training, including the use of canes. The center also provides optometry services and specialized visual aids for near and distant vision.

Rehabilitation Services provides inpatient and outpatient services for people who have physical disabilities. Outpatient services include orthopedic and sports medicine, neurological disorders, hand injury prevention and treatment, work injury prevention and treatment, wound care, pulmonary, communicative disorders and swallowing disorders. Specialized programs are provided for cardiac, brain-injured and stroke patients. Services include occupational, physical and speech therapy. Additional resources are available for LGBTQ individuals and their families including patient advocates that specialize in LGBTQ healthcare and related issues. More information is available at APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply or walk in for emergency service. A physician referral is required for hospice and in-home health services. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are fixed fees for most services; Medi-Cal, Medicare and private insurance are accepted. Funds are sometimes available to assist with the cost of hospice care. There are no fees for low-vision screening or support groups.

Application Procedure
All Languages Through Interpreter
Cambodian (Khmer)
Tagalog (Philippines)
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1050 Linden Ave.

Long Beach , CA 90813 (Physical)

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P.O. Box 887

Long Beach , CA 90801 (Mailing)

Service hours
Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.


(562) 491-9010 (Administrative Office)


(562) 491-9275 (Low-Vision Center) (562) 491-9000 (Hospital Operator/Information) (562) 491-4841 (Welcome Baby) (562) 491-9045 (Travel Clinic)

Service/Intake and Hotline

(888) 478-6279 (Physician Referral; Enrollment for Classes; 24 hours)


(562) 491-9066 (Health Information and Community Fairs)


(213) 351-7699 (County PEP/PrEP Warmline)

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