Disability Related Transportation

Disability Related Transportation


The agency provides services for people with disabilities age 18 and older in the City of Long Beach and surrounding communities. Services include disability related transportation, and discount bus passes for people with disabilities in Long Beach, and Signal Hill. Eligibility restrictions apply, services are restricted to the cities of Lakewood, Long Beach and Signal Hill.

The Dial-A-Lift program provides curb-to-curb demand-response transportation for people age 18 and older who are unable to use public transportation because of a permanent disability who live in Lakewood, Long Beach, and Signal Hill. The services are provided in 15 ramp-equipped vans; people may make a reservation to be transported to and from any destination within the service area for any purpose. Drivers assist people from the curb into the van and from the van to the curb if necessary; however, drivers do not assist riders with packages. Personal adult escorts may accompany riders.

Discount fares are available on regular transit buses for disabled people; people who are blind or wheelchair users may ride for free. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the Dial-A-Lift customer service office to request an application. People complete the application that is sent and have their doctor sign the form that describes the person's disability. After an application is reviewed, the applicant may be requested to come in for an interview. People who qualify receive a membership card and a personal code number and may then begin to use the service.

To schedule transportation people call the reservations number listed and give their name, code number, location, and destination. Return trips may also be scheduled at this time. Trips are scheduled one day in advance; it is a next day service. Same day service is based on availability. Vans arrive within 30 minutes after the pick up time requested; people must be ready to meet the van at the curb. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The initial membership fee is $2.00. The one way cash fare is $2.00. People may purchase a book of tickets for ten rides for $10.00. Personal care attendants ride free when accompanying a member registered as using a "personal care attendant". Regular discounted transit fees for the Senior and Medicare discount price is .45. Disabled cash fare is .45.
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1963 E. Anaheim St.

Long Beach , CA 90813 (Physical)

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Service hours
Sunday through Thursday, 7:00am to 10:30pm; Friday and Saturday 7:00am to 11:30pm.

Service/Intake and Administration

(562) 591-2301 (Information and Trip Planning)


(562) 591-8753 (Dial-A-Lift Applications) (562) 591-8753 (Reception, Lost & Found) (562) 435-0115 (Dial-A-Lift Reservations Monday-Sunday, 6:30am to 5pm)


(562) 489-8464 (Career Information)

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