Disaster Related Rumor Control

Disaster Related Rumor Control ( Disaster/Emergency Issues )


Not everything reported about coronavirus (COVID-19) is true. Seek advice and information from trusted sources as myths and rumors can be damaging to public health. Here are the answers to some of the common 'myths' or questions about coronavirus (COVID-19):

Common Myths about Coronavirus

Advice and Information to Dispel Myths

What FTC is Doing About Coronavirus Scams

A social media post went viral directing people to call a 1-866 number for assistance from "The United Way COVID-19 Fund". This number is the direct line for Indiana 211, and the assistance is available only to some Indianapolis residents.

Individuals should not call 211 looking for direct financial assistance from a United Way fund.

The 211 and Comms teams at United Way Worldwide are working in close coordination to deploy ways to fight this misinformation at a national level. APPLICATION PROCEDURE See Information Above FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Not Applicable

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