Dog Obedience Classes

Dog Obedience Classes


The agency provides animal services for the residents of Los Angeles County. Services include animal adoptions, animal rescue, animal shelters, cruelty to animals investigation, disaster services for animals, dog obedience classes, foster care/temporary shelter for animals and rabies vaccinations. The agency also provides advocacy for the humane treatment of animals; humane educational programs; foster care for animals; and a training and behavior program. The agency accepts and investigates reports of cruelty to animals from people throughout Southern California. There are no geographic restrictions.

The Animal Cruelty Tip Line accepts information about animal abuse from anyone and either investigates directly or refers the caller to the appropriate agency. People may call anonymously, but calls made by identified callers usually receive higher priority. The agency has the authority to protect animals who are being abused and to pursue charges against abusers.

The Animal Safety Net program offers temporary housing to the pets of domestic violence victims.

The training and behavior program provides obedience and agility classes for puppies and adult dogs.

Rabies vaccinations are provided at the agency's Low Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinics which are available throughout the year at community events in Los Angeles County. Visit the agency's web site for events.

Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) is a mobile command post and emergency response team for disasters, such as fires or earthquakes. They also patrol the disaster area looking for displaced domestic and wild animals that may be lost, injured or confused by the disaster. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or visit the agency's web site for information.

Pet adoption centers are open by appointment only and applications are available online.

For rabies vaccination visit the agency's web site for the Low Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinics provided throughout the year.

The Animal Safety Net Program accepts pets by referral from a domestic violence shelter counselor, hotline worker, police officer, social service agency or private practice. The caseworker or client advocate must first make contact with the Animal Safety Net Program. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The fees for adoption are $140 to $255 for dogs; $115 to $125 for cats and ($220 for 2 cats or kittens); $40 for rabbits; and $10 to $15 for other animals and birds. Obedience and agility class fees vary. There are no fees for the Animal Safety Net program. There are fixed fees for the vaccination and microchip clinics.
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Wednesday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:30pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

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