Early Head Start Grantee/Delegate Agencies

Early Head Start Grantee/Delegate Agencies


The center provides early childhood education services for low-income families in the Southeast area of Los Angeles County who have children between 0 and 3.9 years old. Services include Head Start and Early Head Start. The service area is restricted to zip codes 90201 and 90280.

To qualify for center programs the family must meet federal low income guidelines and reside in the service area unless the child has a documented disability. Verification of income, residence, and disability, if any, is required. Children must be up-to-date on immunizations, and all family members must have a T.B. clearance. Children of all incomes who have verified disabilities who live in any area are also eligible.

The Early Head Start "Pasitos" program primarily works with children who are younger than age 3 and their families. Children who have disabilities and children who have younger siblings in the program may be considered up to age 3.9 years. The program is both for English and Spanish-speaking children, parents, and prospective parents; it is a participatory program in which parents, who are the primary teachers of their children, improve their parenting skills. APPLICATION PROCEDURE People may call or walk in for information.

Multiple agencies may provide Head Start or Early Head Start services within a given zip code. In such cases, the agencies will only serve a part of the zip code. Individuals must call all the agencies providing services within a zip code to determine which agency serves their exact address. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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