Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy


The agency provides services for people with disabilities for children and young adults, age 5 to 22, in Los Angeles County. Services include centers for independent living, educational testing, educational therapy, private special day schools, special education, speech and hearing, and vocational education. Services are targeted to individuals challenged by attentional, learning, emotional, developmental, chronic neurological and medical disabilities. There are no geographic restrictions.

Educational testing and educational therapy are offered on an hourly basis. The center has special treatment programs for aphasia, dyslexia and other learning disorders. The center also provides psychological and speech/language programs, and enrichment programs which are appropriate for both gifted and underachieving clients. Counseling to assist families to deal with concerns, questions and problems that accompany learning difficulties are also available.

The Private Special Day School provides a full day program for pre-school through grade 12, and is available for youth age 5 to 22. Students who have disabilities which may include autism, aphasia and dyslexia attend the school; there is a 5 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Most students are referred by LAUSD, are district-funded and are eligible for transportation services; private pay students may also apply for the school program.

The Independent Living Center offers a vocational training program that addresses the needs of young adults with developmental and/or learning disabilities who require additional education/training in making the transition from school to work or from home to independent living. The center provides training that focuses on the development of job skills, assistance with job placement, and ongoing support during employment.

Other services include training programs for professionals from various fields which are related to or involved with learning problems, in-service workshops for public schools and agencies and information and referral to other educational resources. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information or to schedule an appointment. Tours of the facility are available Monday and Wednesday, 8:30am. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Medi-Cal is accepted for therapy services. There are fixed fees for private pay students who attend the day school.
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5350 Machado Rd.

Culver City , CA 90230 (Physical)

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School hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm.


(310) 737-9344


(310) 737-9393 (310) 204-3300

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