Ex-Offender Reentry Programs

Ex-Offender Reentry Programs


The agency provides ex-offender services through its residential rehabilitation program for parolees. Services include ex-offender reentry programs and residential rehabilitation for male parolees. There are no geographic restrictions.

Participants stay at the a ranch located in north San Diego County called Amity Vista Ranch. Participants attend 8 hours of classes and counseling and must adhere to a 7:00pm curfew. Drug and alcohol addictions are also addressed, if necessary. The men in the program work on the ranch performing duties such as cooking, cleaning and routine maintenance. Visits from friends and family are encouraged as part of successful reentry into the community. Support services include workshops on relapse prevention, vocational training, money management and parenting skills. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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3750 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles , CA 90007 (Physical)

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Office hours vary. Call for information.

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(213) 741-2276


(213) 748-5102

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