Fire Services

Fire Services


The department provides fire and rescue services for the city of Los Angeles. Services include disaster services, fire services, and Safe Havens for Abandoned Newborns. Services are provided from 112 fire stations. Geographic restrictions apply for some services.

The department provides disaster services to help homeowners prepare against brush fires and floods. It provides advice and publications to help homeowners in brush fire areas reduce the risk of fire and to be prepared in the event of a brush fire. When flood warnings have been issued, the department provides sand bags to protect property from flood damage; the bags are empty and must be filled by property owners.

Fire services include fire control and suppression, rescue, and fire safety. It inspects buildings and property for compliance with fire codes to reduce or eliminate fire hazards. The department enforces related laws, and inspects for fire hazard abatement.

Under the Safe Haven Law, this county designated site accepts newborn babies up to 72 hours old from mothers who want to anonymously relinquish their child. After 72 hours women are not protected under the law. Designated staff attempt to place a numerically matching ID bracelet on the mother and the baby, and women have up to 14 days to reclaim their child. Mothers who surrender a newborn in accordance with the Safe Haven Law are immune from criminal liability for child abandonment. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call 9-1-1 to report a fire or other emergency. Go to fire stations for sand bags when flood warnings have been issued. Call the administrative office to request disaster preparedness or fire safety education materials or presentations.

To surrender a newborn baby under the Safe Haven Law, walk in to the fire department and ask for a designated employee who can accept the child; individuals who leave a child unattended are not immune from criminal liability for child abandonment. Designated staff encourage individuals to complete a family medical history questionnaire; however, it is not required. Within 14 days of surrender, a mother may inquire about how to reclaim the child. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services. There are no fees to surrender a newborn baby under the Safe Haven Law.
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