First Aid/CPR Volunteer Opportunities

First Aid/CPR Volunteer Opportunities


The agency provides volunteer opporunities for individuals in Los Angeles County. Services include blood drive assistant volunteer opportunities, disaster/emergency services volunteer opportunities, first aid/CPR volunteer opportunities, safety/disaster education volunteer opportunities, and teaching/instruction volunteer opportunities. There are no geographic restrictions.

Blood drive volunteers work with nursing staff at blood drives. Volunteers assist donors in two areas: registration and canteen. Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age to work at blood drives.

Disaster service volunteers work in the agency's disaster response services. Volunteers meet with disaster victims to determine their immediate and longer term needs, locate and refer victims to services, assess damage, and set up disaster shelters and provide food service. Training is provided.

Disaster service instructors teach volunteers and members of diverse communities basic, intermediate and advanced level courses in disaster services such as mass care (feeding and sheltering, etc.), individual client services and partner services (government liaison and community relations etc.) topics.

Teaching/instruction volunteers work in more than 800 Red Cross classes taught annually at Red Cross and community centers. Volunteers teach first aid, CPR, AED, water safety and other lifesaving courses. Volunteer instructors also help train other volunteers as well as members of underserved communities. Training is provided. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the agency to apply to become a volunteer or visit the agency's website for more information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Volunteers are not asked to pay any fees or incur any costs.
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1450 S. Central Ave.

Los Angeles , CA 90025 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.


(800) 696-1757 (Patient Services) (800) 445-8210 (Class Scheduling) (800) 558-3141 (Blood Drive Volunteers) (800) 767-8432 (Blood Services Spanish 800 POR VIDA) (866) 548-8226 (Volunteer Opportunities) (855) 891-7325 (Emergency After-hours) (800) 448-3543 (Blood Donations - 800 GIVE LIFE) (888) 625-4330 (Car Donations)

Service/Intake and Administration

(310) 445-9900 (800) 959-6989 (Lifeline Program)


(310) 445-9959

Service/Intake and Hotline

(877) 272-7337 (Red Cross Emergency Communications Center For Military Members)

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