Food Stamps/SNAP

Food Stamps/SNAP ( Disaster Victims )


The agency provides disaster services for people in Los Angeles County who receive or are eligible for public benefits. Services may include emergency CalFresh, in-home supportive services, replacement of durable medical equipment, and special needs assistance. Some services are restricted to CalWORKs, IHSS or Medi-Cal recipients. There are no geographic restrictions. Emergency CalFresh may be issued to people who meet the income eligibility requirements, including people who do not usually receive stamps, to replace food that was spoiled due to a disaster. Replacement EBT cards for recipients of CalFresh may also be issued. The IHSS program may authorize additional hours on a one-time only basis to IHSS recipients. The hours may be used for heavy cleaning needed to remove any conditions caused by the disaster that present a threat to the recipient's safety, for shopping to replace goods destroyed in the disaster, or for special errands arising out of the disaster. The Medi-Cal program may replace durable medical equipment destroyed in a disaster for IHSS and Medi-Cal recipients. IHSS recipients should first check with their health care provider. Recipients may need to to verify that replacement is needed due to a disaster, and to present prescriptions or prior authorizations for some items. CalWORKs provides non-recurring special needs assistance for CalWORKs households that have been affected by a disaster or other unusual event. The program gives cash grants up to $600 for the replacement of destroyed clothing, household goods, appliances or other necessities. Recipients or applicants who have a complaint regarding these services should first contact the eligibility worker and then the worker's supervisor. If that fails, complainants can speak with the district office deputy director, or after that, the director. If the problem cannot be resolved at the district office, it can be brought to the attention of the Case Complaint, Inquiry and Referral Section, and if necessary, a fair hearing can be requested. Applicants or recipients who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, political affiliation, religion, marital status, sex, age, or disability can file a complaint with the DPSS Civil Rights Section. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Walk in to Apply. ID is required; applicants may also be required to present proof of income and residence. CalWORKs families should ask specifically for "special needs assistance" when applying; they may be asked to provide information about their case. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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12727 Norwalk Blvd.

Norwalk , CA 90650 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm


(562) 807-7820 (Frances Navarro - District Director) (562) 807-7814 (Medi-Cal Deputy) (562) 807-7816 (Angie Rodriguez - Homeless Liaison, Advocate B-Up) (562) 807-7822 (Tonia Mothershed - Advocate Liaison)

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(562) 807-7643 (LEADER Inquiries)


(626) 569-1399 (Customer Service Center) (310) 258-7400 (Customer Service Center) (866) 613-3777 (Customer Service Center) (888) 999-7671 (Renewal Line)

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