Food Stamps/SNAP Applications

Food Stamps/SNAP Applications



DPSS offices are open for in person services. Program information and application are also available via Customer Service Centers at 866-613-3777 and/or its website.

The agency provides CalFresh (formerly knows as Food Stamps) services to individuals who live in Los Angeles County. Services include CalFresh appeals/complaints, and CalFresh applications. There are no geographic restrictions.

CalFresh benefits increase the food-buying power in low-income households. A household is defined as one or more people who live together and routinely purchase and prepare food in common; for eligibility purposes, more than one household may share a residence. Applicants must meet citizenship/residency, income, and resource requirements.

Benefits are issued via an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Eligible individuals use the benefits to purchase allowable food products from authorized retail food merchants and certain farmer's markets. Individuals may not use the benefit to purchase alcohol, diapers, paper goods, pet food, tobacco or toiletries.

The amount of CalFresh benefits you get will depend on the number of eligible people in your household and on how much monthly income is left after certain expenses (deductions) are subtracted.

CalWorks recipients are eligible for benefits. General relief recipients, lawful permanent residents, and college students may also be eligible to receive benefits. Undocumented individuals are not eligible to receive benefits. Application and program information is not reported to INS and does not affect immigration status.

Adults, age 18 to 54, must meet certain work requirements.

Interested individuals should consult a CalFresh eligibility worker to discuss specific eligibility requirements and restrictions.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Apply online at As part of the process applicants must provide identification and proof of income eligibility. Individuals in need of special accommodations should contact the Customer Service Center for options. Services are also available in person at local offices.

Accepted forms of ID include a driver's license, check cashing card, or health service card. Applicants who do not have ID can provide the name of another party such as an employer or landlord who can verify the applicant's identity over the telephone. Applicants may also be required to present vehicle registration.

To prove income eligibility, applicants must present proof of income or that income has stopped; a Social Security number or proof of having applied for one; and if not a U.S. citizen, proof of legal non-citizenship immigration status.

DPSS must process applications within 30 days. However, in emergent situations, applications may be expedited and processed within three days; in cases of extreme emergency, on the same day.

To request an inter-county transfer, clients should contact the county they are leaving. Clients will have uninterrupted benefits while their case is sent from one county to another. The receiving county has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of the case, collect information and determine continuing eligibility.

Inter-state transfers are not available; clients must close their current case and reapply in the state they are moving to.

FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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