Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention


This is a government regulatory agency that monitors consumer financial products for people of all ages in Los Angeles county and nationwide. Services include bank/savings and loan complaints, consumer education, fraud prevention, government consumer protection agency, finance company complaints, mortgage company complaints, predatory lending awareness programs and printed materials. There are no geographic restrictions.

Specific information and support is available for older adults, students, veterans and tribal reservation residents.

The bureau enforces laws and supervises financial companies and markets, including banks and credit unions; restricts unfair or deceptive practices; accepts consumer complaints; provides consumer education and collects data to analyze consumer financial services.

A designated line is available for whistleblowers, including law enforcement or current or former employees of potential violators, to report tips about potential violations APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, email or visit the bureau's website for information or service. Printed materials are available by order or direct download from the bureau's website. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.


(855) 411-2372 ((855) 411-CFPB) (855) 695-7974 (Whistleblower Line)


(855) 237-2392


(202) 435-7000


(855) 729-2372 ((855-729-2372))

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