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General Counseling Services ( Dual Diagnosis )


The center provides mental health services for people of all ages in the East Los Angeles area. Services are targeted, but not restricted, to Hispanics/Latinos. Services include adolescent/youth counseling; case management for dually diagnosed; community wellness programs, day treatment for children, adolescents, older adults and adults; family counseling; general counseling services; geriatric counseling; and public awareness/education. Age restrictions apply for some services; there are no geographic restrictions.

The El Monte location offers services for children, 0 to 18 years. Services include adolescent/youth counseling; child guidance; general counseling services, including individual, group and family therapy; family counseling; in-person crisis intervention; medication monitoring; and mental health evaluation. Therapies for children focus on evaluating and counseling children who have mild to severe emotional and behavioral difficulties that interfere with their functioning at school, home, and in their communities.

The agency provides adolescent/youth counseling and family counseling at the East Los Angeles Youth and Family Center location. Services include individual and group counseling for children, age 6 to 12, and adolescents, age 13 to 18, and for their families.

The Pico-Union site provides case/care management services for homeless individuals with chronic/severe mental illness. Support includes medication monitoring, and referrals to housing and social services.

The center does not provide general hotline or talkline services for the public but does have the bilingual staff available on a 24-hour basis to talk with people who are already center clients who are in crisis.

The Dual Diagnosis Program provides case management services and general counseling services for adolescents and adults who have a substance abuse diagnosis as well as a primary mental illness diagnosis. Counseling may include individual, group and family counseling.

Specialized counseling is available for adults age 60 and older who are experiencing problems related to aging which may include symptoms of depression such as sleep or appetite problems, fatigue, concentration problems, loss of interest in activities social withdrawal, and/or symptoms of anxiety like irritability, insomnia or difficulty relaxing. Individual, conjoint, family and group therapy are offered as well as psychological testing and evaluation, medication and referrals to other resources.

The center also provides a day treatment program for older adults who need mental health treatment and supervision during the day to avoid institutionalization. People who have Alzheimer's Disease and related memory disorders are eligible. The program services include evaluation, individual and family therapy, recreation therapy, medication monitoring and supervision and case management. Transportation is available.

In addition, a day treatment program is available for adults age 18 and older who are experiencing acute mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders. The program includes individual, family and group therapy, vocational therapy, socialization groups, and medication supervision. The goal is to provide intensive treatment for people who are experiencing an acute reaction and to gradually assist them to cope with decreasing intervention. People may attend on a full or partial day basis. Lunch is provided and transportation is available.

The center also offers a variety of support and education services for people in the community. In addition, it provides a self-help group for families and friends of mentally ill people. The Community Outreach Services Department offers community education programs at the center and in the local area that focus on issues such as domestic violence and general mental health education and provides presentations in the local schools. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Individuals must have Medi-Cal or Medicare; private insurance is not accepted.
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