General Health Education Programs

General Health Education Programs


The hospital's Family Resource Center sponsors a variety of classes and health education offerings for interested families and residents of the surrounding community. Services include breastfeeding support programs; expectant/new parent assistance, "Welcome Home Baby"; prepared childbirth, Lamaze classes with options for a four-part series of classes or one day-long session; and a general health education program, a lecture series by physician-speakers.

Childbirth and expectant parent classes and breastfeeding instruction may be attended by couples and families. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply. Registration is required and can be done by telephone or at the Family Resource Center in the hospital lobby. There is a separate intake number for people who would like to register for the lecture series. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Breastfeeding instruction is $15 per couple; Lamaze class fees are $100 per couple for the 4 week series, $125 per couple for the one-day session; "Welcome Home Baby" classes for expectant parents is $15 per couple. There are no fees for the general health education lecture offerings.
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1600 W. Ave. J

Lancaster , CA 93534 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(661) 949-5000 (Main Number) (661) 949-5250 (Mental Health Services) (661) 726-6210 (Family Resource Center/Health Ed.) (888) 942-9675 (888 WIC WORKS (State WIC Number))


(661) 945-5772 (TDD in ER)


(661) 949-5533

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