General Paratransit/Community Ride Programs

General Paratransit/Community Ride Programs


The agency provides transportation services for individuals who are disabled, or 62 years of age and older, in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. Services include disability related transporation, general paratransit/community ride programs, and senior ride programs. There are age restrictions from some services. There are geographic restrictions.

For the WAVE Dial-A-Ride all pickup locations and trip destinations must be in one of the two cities or at one of the satellite locations which include Little Company of Mary Hospital, Torrance Memorial Hospital, El Camino College, the Social Security office in Torrance, Bay Shores Medical offices on Del Amo Blvd., Del Amo Medical offices, Lomita Blvd. Medical offices, Torrance Medical Center, Skypark Medical offices, and UCLA Medical Offices in Manhattan Beach.

The curb-to-curb shared-ride paratransit program operates four air-conditioned lift-equipped CNG (compressed natural gas) mini-buses. Drivers generally do not wait for passengers at the pickup location longer than two minutes and are not able to assist passengers between the building and the vehicle; however, they do assist riders in and out of the vehicle.

Riders must have the exact fare; drivers cannot make change or accept checks. Passengers may travel with up to four packages and guide dogs, depending on available space. The service cannot accommodate people whose physical or mental conditions place them or others at risk; people who are on stretchers or gurneys; or unaccompanied guide dogs, parcels or unaccompanied children under 9 years of age. No smoking is permitted on board.

Passengers may obtain three different types of scheduled service; same-day service is available, reservation service may be scheduled by calling from 24 hours to seven days in advance, and subscription services are available for people who require regularly scheduled transportation on a daily or weekly basis. There is also a special fare available for groups of three or more people who travel together between a single pickup location and a single destination.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the administrative number or visit the agency's website for application information. Applications and application fee may be mailed to the Transit Division.

For same day service it is suggested that people call at least one hour in advance; there is a 15 to 60 minute wait for pickup. For satellite trips to physicians offices it is recommended that people schedule trips 24 hours in advance. Because this is a shared-ride service, it is recommended that riders schedule trips to allow additional time for stops made for multiple passengers.

Eligible Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach residents who are seniors or people who have disabilities must register for the WAVE and obtain an identification card in order to use the WAVE service. Residents must provide proof of age or disability. Age may be documented by a driver's license, ID card, or disabled ID card; a Medicare card. Residency must be verified by providing a current utility bill. FEES/ PAYMENT SOURCE The WAVE fare is $1.00 for one-way transportation to or from any location served; for one-way fare for groups of three or more is $.75 per person. Please do not tip the driver. The General Public may also use the Beach Cities Transit (BCT) fixed route service.

Fees for the Beach Cities Transit (Fixed Route, Cash Only).
Adults: $1.00
Students K-12: $1.00
Seniors (62 ): $.50
Individuals with Disabilities: $.50
Medicare Cardholders: $.50
System Transfers: Free
Interagency Transfers: $.25
Monthly Passes for Beach Cities Transit (Resident Cost)
Adults: $40.00
Students K-12: $8.00
Seniors (62 ) and Individuals with Disabilities: $5.00

Monthly Passes for Beach Cities Transit (Non-resident Cost)
Adults: $40.00
Students K-12: $20.00
Seniors (62 ) and Individuals with Disabilities: $10.00
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415 Diamond St.

Redondo Beach , CA 90277 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Sunday, 6:00am to 8:30pm, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Days 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(424) 212-4299


(310) 802-7686 (Rider Information) (310) 802-7684 (WAVE Dispatch)


(310) 937-6660 (City Hall - Transit Division)

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