Health/Disability Related Support Groups

Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Hearing Loss )


The agency provides self-help groups for people with hearing loss and their families in Los Angeles County. Services include health/disability related support groups and specialized information and referral. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency also offers publications, educational materials, and publishes the Hearing Life Magazine, available through agency membership. The national office can refer people to local chapters nationwide.

In addition, agency staff members increase awareness of the problems associated with hearing loss through presentations and speaking engagements at health fairs, and government and civic meetings. The organization also hosts an annual national convention which focuses on the issues which must be addressed by and on behalf of people with hearing loss. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for general information and referral services. The agency maintains an information center that contains a wide variety of resources for people with hearing loss which can be accessed by phone or email. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Annual membership dues are $35 for individuals; $60 for professionals; $50 for libraries and non-profit organizations; for the USA Only. International individual and organization fees are slightly higher.
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6116 Executive Blvd., Ste. 320

Rockville , MD 20852 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, EST.

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(301) 657-2248 (Voice)


(301) 913-9413

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