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Health/Disability Related Support Groups ( Turner Syndrome )


The agency provides health services information related to Turner Syndrome for people of all ages in the United States. Services include disease/disability information; health related support groups; a medical information line; and professional continuing education on the subject of Turner Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects only females. This is the agency's national office and it serves people throughout the United States; there are no geographic restrictions.

Turner Syndrome (TS) is a chromosomal disorder which causes short stature, infertility and incomplete sexual maturation. In addition to providing services for people who have Turner Syndrome or their families, the agency provides professional continuing education to health care professionals about the condition, so that girls who have TS are diagnosed at an early age.

The medical information line provides information about Turner Syndrome and referral to a wide variety of resources including health care professionals who have expertise in dealing with the disorder.

Resource groups across the country provide a variety of educational, recreational and support programs for people who are affected by TS.

Printed materials available from the agency include two Turner Syndrome guides; one focuses on the needs and interests of family members and the other is designed to be used by health care professionals; a quarterly newsletter provides chapter news and TS-related articles. The Society sponsors an annual conference which may be attended by people who have Turner Syndrome, health care professionals and interested members of the community. APPLICATION PROCEDURE People may call, write or visit the agency's website for information; people may also call for referrals to additional resources or for any service, and a list of area contact people and a growth chart. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees other than postage for most agency services including information and referral, resource materials or the Turner Syndrome Guide. Annual membership dues are $45 for an individual and $65 for a family or $75 for professionals or institutions.
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