Hoarding Support Groups

Hoarding Support Groups


This is a 12-step mutual support group for people of any age who want help with clutter. The group meets at various locations on various days. There are no geographic restrictions.

The group is patterned on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous; participants share problems and solutions and learn to apply the 12 steps to their daily lives. Meetings follow a structured format and include a presentation by a member; an opportunity for all participants to share feelings and concerns; and a discussion period which focuses on members' successes and failures in an effort to recover. Regular participation is encouraged but people may attend on an as-needed basis.

The agency has free local Face-to-Face, Zoom, and telephone conference meetings, where individuals with clutter issues gather together to encourage one another through mutual non-judgmental support while they are decluttering their homes. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Visit the website for information on meeting times and places. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service; donations are accepted.
Application Procedure
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(866) 402-6685 (24 hour Meeting Information / Message Line)

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