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Home Rehabilitation Grants ( Disabilities and Health Conditions )


The program provides housing services through a number of grant, loan, and rebate programs for people who are owner-occupants of single family homes in the city of Rosemead who meet the income guidelines and other eligibility requirements for the specific program. Services are restricted to Rosemead residents.

The City provides low interest (0 to 3%) deferred payment loans to seniors, persons with a disability and families of low and moderate income who own and occupy their homes and need financial assistance to make repairs and improvements. Applicants my not own any property (residential and/or commercial) other than their principal place of residence. The loan is secured by the Deed of Trust and payment is deferred until the sale, transfer of ownership, refinancing of the home, or 30 years from the date shown on the signed Deed of Trust and Promissory Note. Interest is calculated at 0% for senior citizens (62 years and older) and handicapped/disabled citizens and 3% simple interest rate for all others based on the principal owed.

These loans may be used for both exterior and interior property improvements. All improvements must be approved by the City of Rosemead%u2019s Community Development Department prior to the work being done. All improvements must be done by a contractor who is properly licensed through the State of California and the City of Rosemead.

Handyworker grants up to a maximum of $10,000 are available for people 62 years and older and people who have disabilities for repairs related to interior and exterior code deficiencies and general home improvements.

Emergency grants are available to all eligible income qualified applicants (62 years or older). The maximum emergency grant is $2,000 for corrections to emergency code deficiencies that constitute an immediate health-safety issue. Owner occupants are eligible for one (1) emergency grant.

Rebates are available to income eligible homeowners, for correction of code deficiencies and general home improvements to the exterior of the house. Fifty percent (50%) rebates up to $15,000 may be obtained from the City after the homeowner satisfactorily completed the work and payments to contractors. Owner-occupied are eligible for one (1) rebate.

Eligible improvements under these programs include, but are not limited to; roofing, weatherization (windows, doors, insulation), heating, plumbing, electrical, painting, stucco driveways, fencing (for the rear of the property), window screens, fumigation, and carpeting. Some mandatory improvements include such items as installation of smoke detectors, security locks on all doors and windows, and attic insulation. Improvement must be approved by the City of Rosemead's Community Development Department before work begins.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call for information or to schedule an application appointment; the application can be downloaded from the city's website. People must apply and be accepted by the program before making the needed home improvements.

The following information must be submitted along with each application. Applications cannot be processed unless all of the information below is submitted:

%uFFFF Copy of ownership (Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, Quit Claim Deed)

%uFFFF Copy of Driver's License or I.D. Card of each person in title and each household member eighteen years or older.

%uFFFF Copy of Social Security Card for each person on title.

%uFFFF Verification of income of all household members (i.e. Paycheck stubs for the last six months, W-2, IRS Form 1040, or Social Security Award Letters, Annual Dividend Statements, Annual Pension Statements.)

%uFFFF Copies of the last two years tax returns for all members of the household.

%uFFFF Copy of Bank Statements for the last six months (i.e. checking, savings, CD%u2019s, IRA%u2019s, Annuities, Stocks) for all members of the household.

%uFFFF If self employed, please provide tax returns from the last three years including all attachments.

%uFFFF Current Property Tax Statement.

%uFFFF Documentation of the two most recent mortgage payments.

%uFFFF Copy of current property Hazard Insurance.

%uFFFF If self-employed, please provide prior two years income Tax Return (all attachments) including profit and loss.

FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no application or processing fees.
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