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The Environmental Health Division is a regulatory agency that provides health services in Los Angeles County. Services include inspections or investigations related to bed bugs, lead poisoning, environmental hazards, food complaints, mobile food trucks, rental housing, cockroaches, rodent control, restaurant/food sanitation inspections and water pollution control; the agency also provides public awareness and education for children with lead poisoning. Services are restricted to Los Angeles County excluding the incorporated cities of Long Beach, Pasadena and Vernon.

The Environmental Health Division has six branches. The branches include Administration, Business Operations, District Surveillance and Enforcement, Environmental Protection, Specialized Surveillance and Enforcement and Toxicology and Environmental Assessment.

The Business Operations Branch has 10 programs divided into three sections Workforce Development and Advisory Services, Business Operations and Environmental Planning and Evaluation. These programs address customer service complaints, conduct community outreach and provide administrative support for the Environmental Health Division.

The District Surveillance and Enforcement Branch is responsible for inspection and enforcement of public health laws at restaurants and markets, licensed housing and associated swimming pools at apartments and condominiums, temporary food facilities at community events such as fairs or carnivals, pet food stores, food warehouses, theaters and self-service laundries. The Branch also handles general sanitation complaints such as refuse, sewage and green pools at private or commercial properties.

The Environmental Protection Branch has seven technical specialty programs Cross Connections and Water Pollution Control, Drinking Water, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Land Use, Radiation Management, Recreational Waters and Solid Waste Management. The branch also provides oversight for new recycled water (aka gray water) related projects.

The Specialized Surveillance and Enforcement Branch has 10 programs Body Art, Garment Inspection, Jail and Facility Inspection, Organized Camps, Plan Check, Specialized Food Service, Street Vending, Vector Management, Vehicle Inspection and Wholesale Food and Safety Program.

Toxicology and Environmental Assessment Branch is composed of physicians, nurses, epidemiologists, researchers, industrial hygienists, environmental specialist and home inspectors who identify, control and prevent unwanted health effects associated with toxic agents in Los Angeles County. The Branch listens to concerns about toxic exposures in areas of residence, schools and places of business throughout Los Angeles County. The Branch responds to these concerns through education and outreach, consultation services and collaborative efforts with regional and state agencies. In addition the branch performs targeted investigations of potential environmental exposures that are relevant to the population of Los Angeles County. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the designated line for information or to apply. The Customer Call Center connects callers to the appropriate office. To report public health issues call the Customer Call Center or visit the agency's web site for the Online Complaint System. The Customer Call Center may experience extended wait times to reach an agent.

The agency's website www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/eh provides listing of restaurant rating and closures, and list of recalled food items. Complaints may be reported online. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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5050 Commerce Dr.

Baldwin Park , CA 91706 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(888) 700-9995 (Customer Call Center - All Complaints M-F, 8-5) (213) 738-3220 (Toxic Epidemiology) (626) 430-5570 (Body Art Program) (626) 430-5160 (Street Vending Complaints) (626) 430-5560 (Health Licensing Application for Mobile Food Vehicles and Carts) (626) 430-5500 (Street Vending Complaints - Spanish)

Service/Intake and Administration

(626) 430-5290 (Cross Connections Water Pollution Program)


(626) 813-3000 (EH Administration/Headquarters)

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