Identity Theft Reporting/Recovery Programs

Identity Theft Reporting/Recovery Programs


The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) is available by phone, online, and in person.

Consumers can speak with a DCBA counselor for free, one-on-one service by calling the telephone hotline at (800) 593-8222. There is also a new DCBA Online Appointment System which will allow consumers and businesses to make an appointment to speak with a DCBA counselor at their preferred time.

Consumers can also visit the DCBA website at

The agency provides consumer assistance for individuals in Los Angeles County. Services include consumer complaints, consumer education, consumer fraud reporting, elder abuse prevention, foreclosure records for homeowners, government consumer protection agencies, identity theft reporting/recovery programs, landlord/tenant dispute resolution, mediation, realtor complaints, mortgage delinquency and default counseling, small claims advisory programs and speakers/speakers bureaus for consumer issues. There are no geographic restrictions.

The agency accepts and investigates complaints or refers individuals to the appropriate agency; promotes resolution of complaints; mediates disputes both in and out of court; and provides counseling and information about Small Claims Court procedures.

Consumer information is available 24 hours per day through recorded messages and the internet, to answer frequently asked questions.

The Homeowner Notification Program provides homeowners a chance to review real estate documents for legitimacy, including documents that change ownership, show loans taken against a property, Notices of Default and Notices of Sale. Counselors are available for instruction and to assist with the process for correcting documents. Information is available on the program website at

Mediation Services provide conciliation and formal mediation for residents who need assistance resolving a problem outside of court. Staff contact the other party after a request for mediation is accepted and mediate the dispute by phone or in person, after parties agree to voluntarily participate. This service cannot mediate criminal allegations. Information is available on the program website at

Small Claims Advisor Program services provide information and assistance for people who are already involved in or who wish to file a claim in Small Claims Court. Staff offer verbal and printed information about the small claims court process and can advise people about all aspects of using the Small Claims Court. Information and video tutorials are also available on the program website at

Consumer Complaints and investigation provides services for consumer fraud, identity theft and real estate fraud through complaint investigations. They investigate referrals relating to elder financial abuse and foster youth identity theft. They also work with law enforcement, prosecuting and regulatory agencies to identify and investigate appropriate consumer, identity theft and real estate cases for referral to prosecuting agencies for civil or criminal prosecution.

Consumer Education and Public Outreach is provided through the Education and Outreach Unit. It provides presentations for the public at speaking engagements, workshops and public events; coordinates and hosts Consumer Education Fairs and Senior Forums; develops and maintains the Department's web site and social media sites; writes the Department's brochures, press releases, articles for publication and other written materials in plain language; and coordinates media relations and interview requests. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, write, walk in or visit the agency's website for information or to file a complaint. Request a speaker through the department's website. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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320 W. Temple St., Room G-10

Los Angeles , CA 90012 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.


(800) 593-8222 (Toll Free From Within Los Angeles County) (213) 974-1452 (For Calls Outside of Los Angeles County) (844) 432-4900 (Small Business Concierge Services)


(213) 687-1137

Service/Intake and Administration, Coronavirus

(833) 238-4450 (Coronavirus Business and Worker Disaster Help Center) (833) 223-7368 (Rent Stabilization Counselors)

Service/Intake and Administration

(800) 973-3370

Service/Intake, Coronavirus

(833) 972-0999 (Eviction Mediation Assistance Helpline) (888) 694-0040 (Stay Housed LA Legal Helpline)


(213) 626-0913

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