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The foundation is a community action group, which is a public education, advocacy, and support organization focusing on the needs of low income people who live in rural areas of California. It provides printed information about the effects of pesticides on worker health and safety, newsletters regarding advocacy related to education, and a newsletter which examines legislation related to housing issues. The organization also offers information for attorneys and community workers about current trends; pesticides; labor; economic development; health; education; housing; immigration/naturalization policy; and provides training, technical assistance, representation, and advocacy for legal services programs which work with low income people.

The foundation primarily works through organizations which provide direct services for clients. It does not usually provide direct services for the public except for printed materials. The programs currently sponsored by the foundation are administered by the main office listed above. The organization actively networks and coordinates with other advocacy organizations throughout the state.

People may contact the foundation for information about the issues it addresses and for copies of educational materials related to priority areas of housing, education, environment, pesticides, health, labor, economic development, immigration/naturalization and the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act, occupational and home exposure to pesticides and the impact of toxics on low income and minority communities, and low income housing. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or write for information about the organization or to request the printed educational materials. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for information; there are fixed fees for printed educational materials.
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2210 K St., Ste. 201

Sacramento , CA 95816 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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(916) 446-7904 (Sacramento)


(916) 446-3057

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