Independent Living Skills Instruction

Independent Living Skills Instruction ( Developmental Disabilities )


The agency provides services for people with disabilities for adults who have a primary diagnosis of mental retardation and who may also have other developmental disabilities or special needs. Services include adult day programs, centers for independent living, developmental disabilities behavior management programs, extended day programs, and independent living skills instruction. There are no geographic restrictions.

The programs include an adult development center program which provides basic skills training for men and women age 22 and older who need a total life skills program. Clients need not be ambulatory, but must have a medical evaluation which confirms that the client is medically and emotionally able to participate in the program and is not a threat to herself, himself or others. The program provides basic skills training in eating, self-care, toileting and self-awareness. Activities related to home care (vacuuming, dishwashing, dusting) are provided according to the students aptitude level. The length of training time varies with each student's individual abilities.

An extended services program provides before and after school care for adults who have developmental disabilities. The morning program emphasizes the practice of self care skills that are needed to prepare for day training. The afternoon program emphasizes the development of recreational and social leisure time skills through adapted activities which are age level appropriate.

A mobile adult day care unit, DISCOVERY, provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities who also have medically fragile conditions and/or behavioral challenges. This program allows individuals to receive in-home support as well as individualized programming designed to access existing community resources. DISCOVERY services may include functional living skills, self-care skills, sensory stimulation, range of motions, music therapy, recreation and socialization.

Ancillary services for all center clients include speech and language therapy, ongoing evaluation sessions with the consumer's family and Regional Center staff and information and referral to additional social services. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Participants must be referred by Regional Center. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE All fees are paid by the Regional Center which refers the participant.
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