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Job Search/Placement ( Older Adults, Developmental Disabilities )


The agency provides services for people age 16 and older with disabilities in the San Gabriel Valley. Services include job search and placement assistance, supported employment, and vocational training. Most of the people in the program are mentally retarded, but participants may also have other disabilities. Age restrictions apply; services are restricted to residents of the San Gabriel Valley.

The program assists participants to develop vocational skills in addition to those relating to independent living. Individuals are evaluated to determine their vocational abilities, interests, and skills and participants can receive training in tasks like packaging, collating, and general assembly. Individuals are paid on a piece rate basis for work that is subcontracted by private industry. Participants also receive assistance in adjusting to a work setting, independent living skills, basic education, and social skills while gaining vocational experience. Most people attend the program six hours per day.

Supported employment services allow participants who exhibit acceptable work characteristics to work in the community. A community integration program which focuses on pre-vocational safety and social skills is also available for individuals who cannot participate in standard vocational programs.

The agency also has these programs available for older adults with developmental disabilities. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Participants must be referred to the program through Regional Center; people who have received a referral may call to arrange a visit. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Applicants pay no fee to participate in the program. The cost of training is paid by the Regional Center. Funds for transportation to and from the program may be provided by the Regional Center.
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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.


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