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Latchkey/Home Alone Safety Programs


The agency provides services for youth, age 17 and younger, who live in Torrance. Services include juvenile diversion and substance abuse prevention.

The juvenile diversion program provides counseling services or referrals to other counseling resources in lieu of court action for youth younger than age 18 who are at high risk for delinquent behavior or who are already involved in delinquent behavior, and for their families. The program is for Torrance youth.

Young people may be referred from within the agency, by another agency, or by family and if they are appropriate for the program in terms of their past history, motivation, and family involvement, they may participate in crisis and/or short-term individual, family, and/or group counseling as well as substance abuse counseling, if needed, offered by agency staff, or be referred to a contracting agency or counselor for counseling and other support services. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call or walk in for information. People may be referred to the juvenile delinquency diversion program by their families, community agencies, or by law enforcement; call the designated number for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for most services. There is a nominal fee for the first 10 sessions of diversion counseling; if they continue, appropriate fees are involved.
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3300 Civic Center Dr.

Torrance , CA 90503 (Physical)

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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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