Life Skills Education

Life Skills Education


The agency provides family life education services for families in the South Los Angeles area. Services include life skills education, parenting skills development, writing instruction programs for adolescents and older adults and a youth enrichment program for children ages five through 15. Age restrictions apply for some services; there are no geographic restrictions.

The senior program includes "Front Porch Stories" where seniors relate life-long lessons and history to youth, bridging the gap. Both the youth and older adults work on writing and are encouraged to communicate with each other, despite a generational gap. The program also provides a "Great Speakers Forum" for adolescents in middle high school and high school which includes reciting great speeches, writing development and communication skills. FAMILYHOOD skills development services are available on a limited schedule. All instruction is based on the Familyhood Map model that stresses family communication, methods for conflict resolution, and improved family relationships. The youth enrichment program component includes tutoring, expression through poetry, youth publication opportunities, and public speaking training for youth as well as parents. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply for services and scholarships or to join programs. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The program charges a nominal fee for writing workshops; family members or couples taking the workshops together may receive a discount. There is a sliding scale fee for membership for the youth enrichment program. Scholarships are available to help with the cost of materials for all workshops.
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2203 S. Harvard Blvd.

Los Angeles , CA 90018 (Physical)

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Thursday through Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm.


(323) 735-9746

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