Long Distance Bus Services

Long Distance Bus Services


The agency provides transportation for people of all ages in Los Angeles County and throughout the United States. Services include long distance bus services, including services targeted to people with disabilities and other health conditions. There are no geographic restrictions.

Services for people with physical or developmental disabilities allow their care attendant or seeing eye dog to accompany them. Personal care attendants are eligible for a 50% discount on tickets. Non-motorized wheelchairs are carried as luggage at no additional fee. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the toll-free phone number for information. Individuals with wheelchairs should call seven days in advance or not less than 48 hours before travel to arrange for accommodations for the wheelchair. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE Fees vary, call for information.
Application Procedure
Service Condition Fee


(800) 231-2222 (Customer Service - Ticket/Schedule Info) (800) 531-5332 (Spanish-Speaking) (800) 752-4841 (Customers w/ Disabilities)


(800) 345-3109


(800) 755-2357 (ADA Compliance Corporate Office)


(214) 849-8000 (Corporate Office)

(800) 723-3287 (Unsafe Bus Driving Hotline)

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