Ongoing Emergency Food Assistance

Ongoing Emergency Food Assistance


The program provides emergency food for individuals, couples and families who meet federal poverty guidelines and who live in Culver City, and portions of Los Angeles zip code 90034. Services are targeted, but not restricted to Culver City residents and portions of Los Angeles zip codes 90034. The program can accommodate residents outside of the area one time.

The program provides groceries that require preparation they cannot accommodate people who are homeless. People receive a bag of groceries including canned and packaged dried goods and bread. The contents of the bags vary with the items supplied through the Westside Food Bank. The amount of food given varies with family size. People can be assisted with the fruits, vegetables and bread once a week and with the canned goods and meat products once a month.

Staff can also refer people to other resources in the area which may assist them with additional needs. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to verify if applicant is in the service area and for service. ID for all family members, proof of income and proof of residence are required. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for services.
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3850 Jasmine Ave.

Culver City , CA 90232 (Physical)

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Service hours
Intake and distribution hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00am to 11:45am.


(310) 838-2702

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