Parking Regulations Development

Parking Regulations Development


The Department is responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of services that relate to transportation within Los Angeles City limits. The services include those that regulate the flow of traffic, installation and maintenance of signs and traffic signals, issuing permits for and accepting complaints about taxicabs and ambulances, and administering community transit programs for seniors and people with mobility impairments.

The Department's CITYRIDE Program (see the separate entry) provides transit scrip which may be used in exchange for subsidized monthly Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus passes, reduced taxi fare and curb-to-curb dial-a ride services to seniors age 65 and over and individuals with mobility impairments.

The department also provides transit services through the community DASH lines, Commuter Express lines and downtown DASH lines for people living within the City boundaries.

The department operates a hotline for people to request blue curb designation for disability parking. Requests are made by leaving a message with the caller's contact info and a description of the address and area where the blue curb is needed. Messages are returned within 24-48 hours; a service ticket is generated and an application is mailed to the requestor. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call the public information and complaint line for any business that relates to the department.

Seniors and individuals with mobility impairments who wish to apply for transportation services may call 808-7433. This number may be dialed direct, without the use of an area code, if the caller is calling from 213, 310 or 818.

Call the designated number to request blue curb parking, or to check on the status of a request already made. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE The fees related to the department's services are primarily those which people pay to the community agencies which contract to provide transit services, those paid as a result of receiving a ticket for a parking violation, or those paid for city taxicab or ambulance licenses.
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100 S. Main St., 10th Fl.

Los Angeles , CA 90012 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(213) 485-4184 (Main Automated Line - Parking/Traffic/Signals) (323) 957-6843 (Hollywood-Wilshire/Council Dist. 4,10,13) (213) 972-4990 (Central/Council Dist. 1,9,14) (310) 732-4599 (Southern/Council Dist. 8,15) (310) 575-8138 (Western/ Council Dist. 5,11) (818) 374-4688 (East Valley/ Council Dist. 2,4,5,6,7) (818) 774-4306 (West Valley/ Council Dist. 3,5,6,12) (818) 374-4823 (Broken Signals/Signs/Faded Curbs) (213) 972-4972 (Bikeways Bike Program) (800) 501-0999 (Taxicab Service Issues) (323) 913-4648 (Crossing Guard Program) (310) 233-7208 (Crossing Guard Program - South/Harbor) (213) 202-2685 (Blue Curb Requests - Eng/Spanish) (213) 978-4400 (CAPP)


(213) 977-7032


(213) 972-8470


(213) 972-8410


(310) 233-7207 (South Harbor Public Line)

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