Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups

Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups ( Domestic Violence Issues )


The program provides technical assistance for individuals and organizations in the State of California. Services include domestic violence prevention, specialized information and referral, training, and technical assistance for service providers. It also serves as planning and coordinating body for providers of domestic violence services. The agency does not offer any direct services for victims. There are no geographic restrictions.

The program provides domestic violence prevention through community education, curriculum development and a resource center. Speakers are available to make presentations about domestic violence to professional and community groups. The coalition offers a prevention curriculum for use in high schools called "Skills for Violence-Free Relationships" for teachers nationwide who wish to use the program. Service providers may use the coalition's resource center. It publishes a newsletter for its members which contains information about legislation.

The program provides technical assistance to service providers. It offers training sessions for providers of domestic violence services. The coalition works closely with California battered women's shelters to develop standards and review procedures for shelter maintenance, administration, fiscal management and program planning. In addition the coalition coordinates with shelter and other agencies to organize training, conference, community education programs and other events. Coalition members may also participate in the work of a number of committees which focus on domestic violence prevention, homophobia and racism prevention, and plans for Domestic Violence Awareness Week. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call, write or e-mail for information. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for information or referral, for technical assistance or use of the resource center. There are varying fees for training and use of the high school curriculum. Membership ranges are $50 for active individual membership; $250 to $1,000 for shelters/agencies; $250 to $750 for Victims and Advocacy groups; and $25 for students.
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