Prejob Guidance

Prejob Guidance


The department provides employment services for residents of the state of California. Services include job search information, job club services, pre-job guidance and work registration services. Special assistance is provided for professional, technical, managerial and other skilled individuals through self-help job clubs. Special assistance is also available to veterans and women. Veterans are provided services on a priority basis and may be referred to other community agencies. The department promotes equal employment opportunities for women including apprenticeships and work not traditionally performed by women.


Employers with job opportunities may register their job openings in a centralized job bank. There are three central order taking phone numbers in the Los Angeles County area. In addition, employers may place orders on the CalJOBS through the Internet. The web site provides job search placement services for jobseekers. People may enter information which creates a professional resume, and places their information into a centralized pool of applicants. To be eligible, an applicant must have a social security number, or have legal right to work in the United States.

Business owners may enter information about specific job openings which remain for two weeks in the database. Employers may also search online for prospective applicants and may elect to have electronic resumes sent to their e-mail address or faxed to their place of business. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Call to apply for service. An appointment is required for guidance services. CalJOBS is accessed through their website at The CalJOBS internet service is available at every EDD office, LA City and LA County One-Stop Career Centers, and other LA County facilities such as libraries. FEES/PAYMENT SOURCE There are no fees for service.
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5301 Whittier Blvd., 3rd Fl.

Los Angeles , CA 90022 (Physical)

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Service hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


(877) 238-4373 (Paid Family Leave Program) (800) 229-6297 (Fraud Tip Hotline - M-F, 8am to 4:45pm) (800) 480-3287 (Disability Insurance/Information Line) (800) 326-8937 (UIB Claims/Info - Spanish) (800) 300-5616 (UIB Claims/Info)


(800) 547-3506 (UIB Claims/Info Cantonese - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (800) 547-2058 (UIB Claims/Info Vietnamese - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (866) 303-0706 (UIB Claims/Info Mandarin - M-F, 8am to 12pm)


(800) 563-2441 (SDI) (800) 815-9387 (TTY direct for UIB - M-F, 8am to 12pm) (800) 445-1312 (TTY Paid Family Leave)

Information Only

(866) 333-4606 (UI Automated Self-Service, 24 hours a day, English and Spanish)

Service/Intake and Hotline

(800) 528-1783 (Fraud Hotline)

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